Man Utd’s Pogba has revealed a “nightmare” robbery

Archive of Manchester United’s Paul Pogba© AFP

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has reportedly robbed his home of his club against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League defeat, while his children were sleeping in the bedroom. Pogba noted on Tuesday that United lost 1-0 to Atletico and were robbed within minutes of the second round of the last 16 minutes, ruining the match 2-1 overall.

The French World Cup winner, who played as a substitute in the second half against Atletico, was shocked to learn of the break-up as his wife Maria Zulay Salaues watched the Old Trafford match.

“Last night our family’s worst nightmare was realized when they broke into our house and stole it while our kids were sleeping in the bedroom,” she wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

“The thieves stayed in our house for less than five minutes, but during that time they took away something more valuable than anything we had in our house … our sense of security and safety.

“It simply came to our notice then that we were not home.

“My wife and I went home without knowing that our children were safe and sound.

“As a parent, there is nothing worse than not being there to protect your children in this world and I really hope that no one should ever feel what I felt last night.

“That’s why I’d like to give a prize to anyone who has a clue to help.”

Victor Lindelof Pogba was a victim of what he described as a “very traumatic” break-up in his home when he played against Brentford in January at Brentford.


The Swedish defender’s home was targeted while he was in London, and he was forced to lock his wife and two children in a room during the robbery.

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