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Man sets himself on fire near police station near Lakhimpur Kheri in UP

The man, Shivam Gupta, suffered severe burns during the incident.


In a shocking incident in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, a man set himself on fire near a police station complex on Wednesday night, allegedly collaborating with a local SHO or police station and harassment and extortion.

The man, Shivam Gupta, suffered severe burns during the incident.

A man driving a rural taxi is on fire inside what appears to be a group of police stations in the village of Gauri Fanta on the Nepalese border. Other men, allegedly police, can be seen trying to put out the blaze.

Other images show that the man in the hospital was being treated in a hospital with severe burns.

In a statement to the media, the victim said local men had voluntarily hijacked his taxi and confiscated his money in conjunction with local police.

“The local goon forced me not to drive in the route. He also beat me. The police took a bribe of 2,500 rubles a month,” Mr Gupta said.

Based on his allegations, police have ordered an investigation and canceled the nearby station.

“We have heard the statement of the victim that he is driving a rural taxi in the area but that he is harassing 3-4 citizens. He has also complained that the local police are in favor of these police officers. said Sanjeev Suman Lakhimpur police chief in a note.

A relative of the victim told the media that he wanted more action and to meet with Yogi Adityanath, the elected chief minister.

“My relative’s vehicle was hijacked. We asked the police to release the vehicle, but we were asked to approach some private police. They were also attacked. This should reach the ears of yogi ji if the poor were treated that way,” Pankaj Gupta said. Relatives of the burnt victim said.

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