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Mamata Banerjee Urges Opposition To Meet On ‘Abuse’ Of Investigative Agencies

All progressive powers need to unite and fight against the “oppressive powers” ​​he wrote about


Mamata Banerjee has written to opposition leaders across the country alleging abuse of central agency by the ruling BJP, and has called a meeting to discuss the “way forward”.

The Bengal chief minister said, in a letter dated Sunday, that the BJP government at the Center was using central agencies to target opposition leaders “just in time for elections to arrive” anywhere in the country.

“I urge that we all come together for one meeting to discuss the way forward in one place according to the comfort and convenience of everyone. The need at this time is for all progressive powers in the country to together fight this oppressive power,” he wrote.

The letter came on the day his nephew, Trinamool Congressman Abhishek Banerjee, asked for more time from the Directorate of Enforcement (ED), which had called him today in a coal fraud case.

“Central agencies such as the ED, CBI, Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and the Income Tax Department are being used to target, harass and angle political opponents across the country for revenge,” Mamata Banerjee wrote in the letter.

“We must all oppose the ruling BJP’s intention to abuse this central agency with the sole intention of oppressing opposition leaders. The central agency is shocked to act only when elections are about to arrive.”

The Chief Minister also claimed that the public “did not get justice” because of “biased political interference”.

“I highly admire the judiciary. But at the moment due to certain biased political interventions, people are not getting justice which is a dangerous trend in our democracy. In our democratic system, the judiciary, media and public are important pillars. If “partly disrupted, the system collapsed,” he said.


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