Mahindra Group Enters Metaverse, Anand Mahindra Shares Video

Mahindra group explores the metaverse, Anand Mahindra shares a video

Anand Mahindra yesterday announced that his company has entered the metaverse, an immersive 3D internet version that is expected to change the way people work and interact online.

The industry operator released a video on Twitter to make the announcement and also explain the basic premise of the metaverse and how viewers can participate in the company’s vision.

His tweet read, “Join us as Mahindra explores the Metaverse. We believe it’s not just a made-up world; it’s also a place where we can explore solutions to make the real world a better place. ”

In the 2 -minute 20 -second video, Mahindra said the metaverse is a “deep simulation” of the real world where people can interact as “digital avatars”. He also equates the concept with simplicity. He said, simplicity exists not only in the human mind but also in the metaverse as a realm that can make life easier.

Watch the video here:

Tech Mahindra, an IT services major, announced its debut into the metaverse in February, and dubbed it TechMVerse. It said that the company will strive to build a fully interactive multiverse to provide customers with an immersive metaverse experience.

In a press release, the company said, “In its initial phase, Tech Mahindra will capitalize on opportunities presented by Metaverse through various use cases including DealerVerse – a metaverse -based car dealer, Middlemist – an NFT marketplace, Meta Bank – a virtual bank, and a gaming center. ”

Then, a few days ago, Mahindra & Mahindra announced its participation into the world of non -fungal tokens (NFT). The company’s premium sports utility vehicle, the Thar, will be the basis for the first token tranche. NFT will be released in collaboration with Mahindra Group’s IT division, Tech Mahindra.

NFT is a digital collection, mostly of artwork, that gives the buyer complete ownership of the object. They, like cryptocurrencies, are traded on a blockchain. Some of the most valuable NFTs are sold for millions of dollars at auction.


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