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Little Australian Girl Trying Indian Food For The First Time; Her cute reaction won my heart -By ASC

Indians love to eat all cuisines with gusto because our spice tastes are so diverse! We have been trained to eat the most spicy, warmest and tenderest foods, so we can eat almost anything – ramen, pasta, sushi, burgers and more! But that is not the same for every country. Due to lack of access to various types of spices, they do not use seasonings like masala salt and gunpowder and therefore may not like to eat Indian food. However, that is changing now! The rather bland appetites of foreigners are increasingly exposed to Indian food, in the form of new dishes, and they seem to be enjoying it! Vietnamese food bloggers try south Indian food, German food bloggers make dal makhani, and more and more people have started exploring Indian food!

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Today, we witness an exciting moment in the life of an Australian girl. She was trying Indian food for the first time and her world was open to fascinating flavors that she couldn’t comprehend! Her innocent reaction was so cute that we couldn’t help but smile and you will definitely see the touching video. Take a look:

In the video, the Indian dish the little girl tried is filled with some of our favorite classic dishes –

kadai chicken with rice for main course, mango kulfi as dessert and meethi saunf as dessert! He really enjoyed the meal as a whole, but the one dish that made him most respond was meethi saunf. Saunf, also known as fennel seeds, is something that many Indians love. It is natural to see the little girl confused after eating saunf because it has a very strong taste!

The video was uploaded by @angeerowden and it had 181k views along with 4k likes. Here are the public’s comments on the Australian girl’s reaction:

“Ha ha ha … her expression after eating meethi saunf! Too sweet for her or the saunf is stuck in her teeth”

“I’m sure he also likes Mangga … and I also don’t like Saunf (the third)

“Mark my words, as soon as you taste Indian food. There is no way back”

“Hope he likes it”

What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comments section below!


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