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Lemon At Rs 200 Per Kg Leaves A Sour Taste In The Mouth For People In Gujarat

The price of lemons has soared to Rs 200 per kilogram in Rajkot Gujarat.

Rajkot, Gujarat:

Lemon prices have soared in Rajkot in Gujarat due to lack of supply and increase in demand for citrus fruits.

Lemons are now sold at Rs 200 per kilogram, compared to the previous price of Rs 50-60 per kilogram.

“The price of lemons reached Rs 200/kg. It was around Rs 50-60/kg earlier. We have to put everything in the budget. But this price increase is affecting our ‘kitchen budget’. We don’t know when the price will go down,” said a customer to the ANI news agency.

When temperatures rise, people prefer to include lemon in their diet as it is a rich source of Vitamin C and helps in staying hydrated while promoting digestion. Increased consumption and shortages of supply have boosted the price of lemons.

“The price of almost every vegetable has increased. But this is more than we expected. Middle-class customers find it difficult to buy such expensive vegetables. We cannot afford to buy lemons in large quantities as we bought before. This increase is almost double the price which we paid last year in March, don’t know what will happen in April-May, ”said Himanshu, a buyer.

“Previously, we used to buy one kg of lemons per week but now we have to reduce it to 250 or 500 grams due to the price spike. It has affected our spending,” said Pinal Patel, another buyer.

The price increase has also affected traders as buyers have had to buy lemons in less quantity after the sharp price spike. Thus, rising prices have affected both traders and buyers.

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