Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool want to be as “annoying” as possible in the Title Races

Jurgen Klopp said on Tuesday that Liverpool wanted to be “as annoying as possible” because they were hunting at the top of the Manchester City Premier League. City’s goalless draw at Crystal Palace on Monday means Klopp’s side could narrow the gap to one point with Arsenal’s victory on Wednesday, missing a trip to the Etihad. In the 2018/19 season, Liverpool won their last nine league games with Pep Guardiola’s side scoring 14 consecutive victories to finish on top with one point.

Klopp said his team, which has already won the League Cup this season and is still in the Champions League and FA Cup, was determined to push City all the way.

“That’s the intention, of course, to keep it as annoying as possible, but we have to win our football matches,” the German coach said.

He said the game would be “really tough” in the remaining 10 games of the league, starting with Wednesday’s Emirates match.

Klopp said Liverpool, who have won their last eight Premier League games, had to prepare for the “long end” of the season due to their success in all four competitions.

“It’s the game we play in the finals, the finals, the finals, the finals. “That’s right, that’s how we prepare, that’s how we set it up, that’s the situation. So what different situation could there be out there? Are we 10 points ahead or whatever?

“Then there are 10 games left and everyone is telling you, ‘(it’s done), when will the celebrations be?’ It’s really uncomfortable, not in my life, to sit in that situation. So now everything is in front of us – attack, chase, go, that’s what we do. “

Mohamed Salah is likely to be ready to face Arsenal when a shoe injury beat Brighton 2-0 on Saturday.

“Mo’s cookie is hard and it was a bit cut, we were very lucky with that. It was swollen, painful, slightly swollen yesterday, less painful,” Klopp added.


“Now I received it before the press conference that Mo is ready to train and we’ll see how he is.”

(This story was not edited by NDTV staff and was automatically created from a union feed.)

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