ITC’s 2.0 Sustainability Agenda Aims For Green Infrastructure -By ASC

The ITC 2.0 sustainability agenda aims for green infrastructure

ITC, in conjunction with World Environment Day, has taken a step further towards a “Green Earth” through its sustainability agenda 2.0.

With this, the company intends to strengthen efforts towards decarbonization, build green infrastructure, and promote climate -smart and regenerative agriculture, among others.

The company also plans to restore biodiversity through “nature -based solutions” and strengthen efforts in combating climate change, Business Standard reported.

The ITC believes that its efforts will help combat the ongoing climate crisis and “support meaningful livelihood opportunities.”

Speaking on the company’s vision for a sustainable future, S Sivakumar, Group Head, Agri, IT and Sustainability, ITC Ltd, said, “ITC has, over the years, implemented innovative business models that synergize economic, environmental and social construction. capital as a unified strategy. ”

Highlighting the importance of the Sustainability 2.0 plan, he said, “Today, our ambitious Sustainability 2.0 agenda aims to strengthen ITC efforts towards further decarbonization, build green infrastructure, promote climate smart and regenerative agriculture, ensure water security for all, restoring biodiversity through nature-based solutions, creating an effective round economy, creating sustainable packaging solutions and enabling the transition to a clean-zero economy. ”

For a “Greener Earth”, the company is working towards a sustainable packaging future. The company plans to develop recyclable and reusable packaging over the next decade.

World Environment Day is held in front on June 5 to spread awareness on how one can protect the environment. For this year, the theme is Only One Earth.

According to the official website, this year’s campaign “calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.”


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