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In Ukraine, empty carts symbolize children killed in war

Lviv City Council placed 109 carts in tidy rows, one for every child killed since the start of the war.


As Ukraine mourns its dead, dozens of empty cars were parked in the cobbled central square of Lviv on Friday to commemorate children killed in the country since the Russian invasion.

Lviv City Council placed 109 carts or cars in neat rows, one for every child killed since the start of the war, according to Ukrainian authorities.

They put two teddy bears on a bright blue bear. A little girl sitting on a bench holding a small Ukrainian flag.

Lviv in western Ukraine has attracted hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to seek refuge away from the front lines of the war.

“Remember when your children were little and sitting in cars like that,” said Zhuravka Natalia Tonkovyt, a Canadian citizen of Ukrainian descent who passed by, speaking as if addressing Russian mothers.

“Some (children) will not be put in these cars because they are dead. Compare them to your children, remember how you feel about your children … I don’t want to see empty cars,” he added.

Russia says the action in Ukraine is a special military operation and does not target civilians.

(Except for the title, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and has been published from a union feed.)

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