Imran Khan Envisions Preliminary Survey, Opposition Says Part Of “International Conspiracy”

Imran Khan insists he will not resign and will fight until the last ball is bowled


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that it was a good idea to go to early elections after a no -confidence motion and reiterated that the Opposition was part of an “international conspiracy” to oust his government.

“Our people who ran away (referring to PTI’s coalition allies) … It seems that we can’t run a government with them even if we get a majority … So it is better for Pakistan to hold elections so that everything is clear about who stands where,” said Imran. Khan during an interview with ARY News.

Imran Khan used the opportunity to reiterate his allegations of foreign conspiracies, and criticized the country’s Opposition, in particular, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif for being part of an international plan to oust the Pakistani government.

“The opposition was part of an international conspiracy to overthrow the government … I invited Shehbaz Sharif to a meeting (of the parliamentary security council), but he did not come … because he was part of the conspiracy … The opposition boycotted the meeting,” Imran Khan said. .

Signaling that he may lose votes in disbelief on Sunday, Imran Khan raised questions about the Opposition running the government, saying that Opposition leaders were just busy distributing portfolios among themselves.

Imran Khan also insisted that he would not resign and he would fight until the last ball was thrown and the match was lost.

In a speech to the nation on Thursday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has raised allegations of “foreign conspiracy” amid growing opposition confidence about a no-confidence motion against his government pending in the Senate.

“United States”, Imran Khan said in the blink of a tongue and then stated that “foreign countries” had sent “threatening memos” against the state of Pakistan.

“On March 8 or earlier on March 7, the US sent to us … not the US but a foreign country sending a message to us. The reason why I am talking about this … for an independent country to receive such a message. … this is against me and the country, ”he said.

Later that day, the United States dismissed insinuations made by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding Washington’s role in allegations of a “foreign conspiracy” to overthrow it from power.

“There is no justification for these allegations. We are following developments in Pakistan closely. We respect and support Pakistan’s constitutional process and the rule of law,” a US State Department spokesman told ANI.

At Pakistan’s National Assembly, a no -confidence vote against Imran Khan’s government was postponed to April 3. Proceedings of the National Assembly were adjourned until April 3 shortly after it met on Thursday to discuss the no -confidence motion.

Earlier, on Monday, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) president Shahbaz Sharif tabled a no-confidence motion.

Imran Khan is the third Prime Minister to face a no -confidence motion in Pakistan.

After a no -confidence motion was tabled with a total of 161 votes in favor, the Senate proceedings were adjourned until March 31.

Imran Khan received a huge blow when the PTI “lost a majority” in the Senate after losing its key ally in the Pakistan Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-P) coalition. MQM announced on Wednesday that it has reached an agreement with the opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and will support a no -confidence vote in 342 members of the Senate.

The survival of the government depends on the support of allies such as MQM-P (7 seats), BAP (5 seats), PML (Q) (5 seats), GDA (3 seats), AML (1 seat), JWP (1 seat). ) and two free.


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