“I Don’t Have to Be Responsible”

Shehnaaz talks about Sidharth Shukla (Courtesy: filmy.mirchi)


  • Sidharth Shukla passed away in September 2021
  • Shehnaaz Gill is often beaten for looking “happy”
  • He has now spoken out about the criticism

New Delhi:

For the first time after Sidharth Shukla’s death, his rumored girlfriend and actor Shehnaaz Gill have been talking about it. Shehnaaz recently appeared on Shilpa Shetty’s chat show, Shape of You and talked about being beaten up for looking “happy” after Sidharth Shukla’s death. “Today was the first time I talked about this and it was only because you asked me. Otherwise, I would never have talked about this no matter who said what. Why should I tell anyone about my relationship with Sidharth? What do I have to do with it?” “With him, what is my relationship with him, I don’t have to answer to anyone. How important he is to me, how important I am to him, that’s all I know. So, I don’t have to give any explanation. to anyone,” said Shehnaaz .

Shehnaaz Gill also added, “If I get a chance to laugh, then I will laugh, I will stay happy. If I feel like celebrating Diwali, then I will celebrate Diwali. Because happiness is very important in life. I also try to do it myself. . “

After Sidharth Shukla’s death, when Shehnaaz Gill started posting dance videos on social media, he was beaten up for being happy and enjoying life. Many also criticized him for moving on with life.

Check out the interview here:

Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill meet on the Salman Khan show Big Boss 13. During the performance, Shehnaaz confessed his feelings towards Sidharth many times. They were good friends in the show and there were also rumors that they were dating each other. However, Shehnaaz and Sidharth never spoke about the rumor.

In September 2021, Sidharth Shukla died of a heart attack, and Shehnaaz Gill was seen standing by his family’s side.

In front of the work, Shehnaaz Gill was last seen at Diljit Dosanjh Hoshla Rakh.


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