How Does Sharekhan Help Traders Achieve Their Goals?

Sharekhan helps traders achieve their financial goals with ease

Technology has become a critical enabler for capital markets. However, only a few players have engraved their mark, such as Sharekhan. They bring an intoxicating infusion of the most advanced technology platforms and experienced and knowledgeable relationship managers. They help you achieve your financial goals with ease.

The following is an overview of their processes presented to optimize the trading platform’s advisory services and offerings:

Help you identify and calculate your needs and goals:

This is one of the important steps to carry out comprehensive financial planning. The need to identify should be done based on assessment factors including age, standard of living, income level, dependents, current net worth and others. Assessed needs need to be calculated. The enumeration here means providing a timeline and corpus requirements.

For example, no matter your stage of life or income level, you need to plan for needs like a retirement plan. The corpus you need to live a retirement life without financial stress needs to be achieved. This requires considering aspects such as building a corpus that contributes to inflation for your working year and the current year of your retirement. You need to make valid assumptions about your life expectancy, expenses required during retirement, etc.

A Sharekhan representative can help you with breaking numbers; there are research tools that can simplify this process for you. Without adequate knowledge and research equipment, this process can be quite daunting. Sharekhan financial counselors have the necessary expertise to enable you to create realistic and achievable financial plans; this is an important part of building a workable financial plan.

Assess your risk appetite to facilitate portfolio design:

Risk assessment is a task that is often neglected or done incorrectly. It requires an experienced person to make a proper assessment. Individuals with less experience in equity investing often underestimate or exaggerate their risk appetite. Their perception of risk is influenced by their behavioral tendencies. It requires a trained eye to dive and investigate properly to accurately assess risk appetite.

Sharekhan’s trading platform has compiled a risk questionnaire that helps financial counselors make the right assessment. There is a need to conduct these assessments periodically to ensure that any changes in risk appetite are taken as appropriate to create the necessary realignment in the portfolio.

Build a portfolio that aligns with your goals:

Financial counselors have not stopped so far; they provide you with adequate support with the necessary research materials and help you build a portfolio that aligns with your goals. Financial counselors also ensure that the portfolio is aligned with your risk appetite. This task is quite intensive and requires expertise to ensure that the portfolio consists of quality securities and will stand the test of time.

Sharekhan’s technology platform offers extensive filtering tools that help filter stocks to complement your risk appetite and your financial goals. A financial counselor at Sharekhan can help you choose the right metrics to use for filtering the right investment channels.

Suggest a realignment of tactical and strategic portfolios during volatile markets:

Financial planning is a dynamic exercise; you need to review your goals and take risks on an ongoing basis. The key to a strategic reassessment is your age and your stage of life.

Usually, if you are young, your risk appetite is higher than your older counterpart. When you are just starting to generate income, your financial goals are likely to be more suited to lifestyle needs like luxury cars, exotic vacations etc., as you get older and enter a new phase of life with increasing responsibilities, your needs change. The corpus to be built will increase significantly; at that time, there is a need to conduct a strategic reassessment and align your portfolio so that it meets short-medium-long-term needs.

Tactical portfolio realignment needs to be carried out depending on the market direction. This realignment should not affect the portfolio using contiguous costs such as transactions and taxes. One should look at the bigger picture while trying to make this tactical realignment and ensure that the alpha chase should not translate into higher costs.

Provide necessary, concise, accurate and timely information to help you make an informed decision:

The financial counselors at Sharekhan strive to provide information to empower you with the necessary knowledge, enabling you to make informed decisions. This news is specially compiled to suit your needs.

Sharekhan leverages technology to ensure information is provided promptly. Their frequent joint communication efforts highlight the latest happenings and opportunities. The financial representative discusses the opportunities that best align with your profile. They empower you with enough information.

Monitor and review your portfolio periodically to evaluate performance against your needs:

Sharekhan ensures that portfolio monitoring and review takes place on a regular basis. The report is automated to minimize human intervention, thus reducing any scope for manual errors. The report is emailed to registered clients and their respective financial counselors.

Financial representatives ensure they monitor the portfolio on a regular basis to maintain portfolio quality; they also ensure that portfolio risk remains within manageable limits.

Meetings at your convenience to meet your needs and research tool demos:

Representatives in Sharekhan are accessible at the convenience of the customer. There are counselors who are always in touch with you to address your needs and wants quickly.

Trust and integrity are maintained at the highest levels at Sharekhan, and we ensure that our financial counselors put this aspect above everything else. They stick to this principle in every instance of interaction with customers.

The effort is also to empower and increase financial literacy among investors; in line, there are private demo sessions conducted by financial counselors where traders are equipped to use research tools efficiently.

Sharekhan becomes your one -stop shop for your financial and investment planning. It offers the best of both worlds-technology and expertise. Moreover, its costs are competitive, and the company has grown exponentially by maintaining ethical practices and integrity as its core values.

For a detailed disclaimer, please visit the Sharekhan website.

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