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Hijab Students Offer Namaz At Madhya Pradesh College, Investigation Ordered

Karnataka High Court upholds ban on wearing hijab in classrooms (Representative)


Video showing a Muslim student offering hijab solat at the university of Madya Pradesh has led to controversy. The video, which was shared on social media, showed students the offer solat in the classroom at Dr Harisingh Gour Sagar University, a central institution.

The right -wing group, Hindu Jagran Manch, has complained to the university administration to take action against the student.

The university said it had ordered an investigation.

“A committee has been formed to investigate this matter. Along with this, students have been told to keep religious worship at home. The university is for study,” said Vice Chancellor Neelima Gupta.

The university’s registrar Santosh Sahgaura told the PTI news agency they had received a complaint along with a video clip showing the student offering the hijab. solat in the classroom.

“The five -member committee will submit a report within three days and action will be taken based on this,” Mr Sahgaura said.

The university does not have a formal dress code for students on campus, but they must attend classes in “basic ethical dress,” the university’s media officer Vivek Jaiswal told PTI.

The head of Sagar Hindu unit Jagran Manch, Umesh Saraf claimed that the students seen in the video had been attending lectures wearing headscarves for a long time.

“Such religious activities should not be allowed in educational institutions. He has long come wearing the hijab, but he is seen offering solat in class on Friday afternoon. This is not pleasant because educational institutions are a place for every religion, ”Mr Saraf said.

“A complaint has been submitted to the Vice -Chancellor and the Registrar,” he said, referring to the Karnataka High Court’s decision on March 15 rejecting a petition seeking to allow the wearing of hijab in classrooms.

The hijab is not an important religious practice, the Karnataka High Court said as it supports a ban on wearing hijab in the classroom.

The order was challenged in the Supreme Court by Niba Naaz, a student who was not among the five who had originally petitioned against the hijab ban.

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