Harshal Patel praises MCCs for updating Mankad, asks Saliva Ban

The new changes to the Cricket Act, which has been announced by the MCC, have been approved by most cricketers around the world, while a few have expressed mixed reactions. Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Harshal Patel, winner of the 2021 IPL Purple Cap, praised the new amendments. In addition to praising the decision to make “Mankad” a legitimate release, Patel also shared small reservations about banning saliva. The 31-year-old questioned how “people who don’t sweat” will shine the ball “in the cold”.

“I can’t say much about saliva because I haven’t played a lot of red ball cricket in the last two years. But yes, if you’re playing in cold conditions, people who don’t sweat, what are they going to do? there is an answer, ”he said.

The MCC legitimized the release of Mankad, moving it from the “unfair game” category to the “finished” category. He received criticism on social media from Stuart Broad for his role in England.

Harshal stated, “And the Mankad account, which I thought was a very absurd thing to discuss as a cricket community, is there in the rule book how can it be against the spirit of the game?”

Explaining why the dismissal of Mankad should be accepted, Harshal said: “Let me give you an example. People say you shouldn’t run after a shot hits you. Did you do it on purpose? No. But tell me, if you’re playing in the World Cup final you are, and you need a run to win and it deviates from the ball, will you not run? If you’re not and you’re still consistent in that situation, that’s fine, that’s your call, but I’ll always run because I play to win and I do it within the laws of the game. If the law allows me to do something, I’ll definitely do it. “


In IPL 2021, Harshal was the biggest wicket-taker with 32 dismissals in 15 games. Despite his best efforts, Harshal did not make it past the RCB playoffs.

The ball was released after last season, when RCB bought it back at the IPL 2022 mega auction for Rs 10.75 million.

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