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Happy Holi 2022: “Holi has even more significance this year”: Message from the Australian Prime Minister

India’s relations with Australia have raised new levels for Deputy Prime Minister Modi and Scott Morrison.

New Delhi:

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison today wished the Australian community a happy Holi and thanked all Australians for their love and care.

“Holi is even more important this year. As we approach the end of the second pandemic year, we can thank him for the many things that have sustained us: our family, the community and the faith. I want to thank the Australian community in India. You have shown your love and attention. not only to his family, but to all Australians, ”Mr Morrison said in a statement.

“Now, after so much time apart, these celebrations unite us in a spirit of unity and friendship, and inspire hope for this future,” he said in the message.

New Delhi’s relations with Canberra have risen to new heights under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mr Morrison.

The Australian Prime Minister also loves Indian food. In 2020, Mr. Morrison shared a tweet about his love for samosas, a fried pocket full of potatoes, onions and other ingredients, ahead of his video meeting with Modi PM.

Calling “ScoMosas,” Mr. Morrison shared photos of his homemade samosas on social media handles and tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the June 4 video conference, saying he would like to share a popular snack with his Indians. equivalent.

“With Sunday’s ScoMosas mango chutney, everything is made from scratch, including chutney,” he wrote on Twitter and Instagram.

Prime Minister Modi responded quickly and said on Twitter, “The Indian Ocean is connected, the Indian Samos is united!”

As a result of COVID-19’s restrictions, after watching the silent festivities in Australia, more people are expected to take to the streets this year to celebrate the festival of colors.

Marking the beginning of the spring season, Holi is a festival full of color, a symbol of the victory of joy and the evil of good.

Although Holi is a predominantly Hindu holiday, it is also celebrated by people of other religions. It indicates that the spring harvest season has arrived in the country.

People celebrate the holiday by giving each other candy, thanda and colored powders, water and balloons.

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