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Halal Meat Is Economic Jihad

“Halal is economic jihad,” said BJP national secretary -general CT Ravi.


With several right -wing groups now calling for a boycott of ‘Halal’ meat, BJP national secretary -general CT Ravi equates Halal food with ‘economic jehad’.

Over the past few days, messages have been blowing on social media urging Hindus to stay away from Halal meat, especially after Ugadi, the Hindu New Year celebration.

The day after Ugadi, some “non -vegetarian” Hindus offer meat to God and celebrate the New Year. Many offer such meat, which some right -wing activists are asking people to skip.

The call was made after a ban on Muslim vendors around temples during Hindu religious fairs in parts of Karnataka.

“Halal is economic Jihad. It means it is used like Jihad so that Muslims do not do business with others. It has been made obligatory. When they think halal meat should be used, what is wrong if it is said not to be used?” Mr Ravi told reporters.

He said Halal meat offered to ‘their God’ was very much loved by them (Muslims) but for Hindus, it was one’s waste. He also said that Halal has been designed in a planned manner so that the product is only bought from Muslims and not others.

“When Muslims refuse to buy meat from Hindus, why should you urge Hindus to buy from them? What right do people have to ask this?” Mr. Ravi wants to know.

To a question on boycotting Halal meat, the BJP leader said such trade practices were not one -way but two -way traffic. If Muslims agree to eat non -Halal meat, then this person (Hindu) will also use Halal meat, he added.

Meanwhile, former Chief Minister and JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy condemned such a trend and called on Hindu youths not to “damage” the state, which is a “park of peace and racial trust” “I would like to ask the government where you want to lead the State. folded I asked the Hindu youth not to ruin the Nation, ”Mr Kumaraswamy said.

Reminding those who incited people that they would not be in the world forever, he said they should not ruin the peace and harmony in Karnataka.

He appealed to the youths to stay away from those who disturb the peace because there will be difficult days ahead.

The second commander of the JD (S) held Congress accountable for the rise in communal politics.

“Congress brought such a government in the state. Now, Congress calls the BJP government immoral. Who is responsible for it? Neither JD (S) nor HD Kumaraswamy is responsible for the current situation. Because of Congress’ torture, the people of the country are suffering,” Mr Kumaraswamy claimed. .

Meanwhile, 61 progressive thinkers from the State, including K Maralusiddappa, Prof SG Siddaramaiah, Bolwar Mahamad Kunhi and Dr Vijaya, have written a letter to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai with an appeal to check religious hatred.

“It is a shameless job to deliberately instill religious hatred in this land where the letter is sung as a park of racial peace,” they said in their letter.

“Festivals are held all over the state and they are all economic and cultural dimensions that do not make any Muslim brother rich,” they said.


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