Germany warns against Russian Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software during the Ukrainian War

The German cybersecurity agency BSI on Tuesday urged consumers not to use anti-virus software made by Russian Kaspersky, and warned the company that Russia could be involved in hacking attacks in the wake of the Ukrainian war.

Russia’s military and intelligence activities in Ukraine and threats from the EU and NATO allies, especially Germany, are “at high risk of a successful cyber attack,” the Federal Cyber ​​Security Authority (ISIS) said in a statement.

“A Russian computer manufacturer may carry out offensive operations, may be forced to attack its target system against its will, or unknowingly be spied on as a victim of a cyber operation, or may be used as a tool to attack its customers,” he warned. agencies.

Critical infrastructure companies and operators are particularly vulnerable, but individuals can also be hit, the BSI said, and has called on anyone with questions to ask for advice.

The U.S. banned government agencies from using Kaspersky software from 2017 onwards.

Kaspersky has always dismissed allegations that he works with the Kremlin. But its business was severely damaged by U.S. bans, and the company’s software went into effect when it was installed on hundreds of millions of computers around the world.

Military and cyber-specialists fear that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could lead to cyber-attacks – a “cyber-Armageddon” that could have serious consequences for civilians in both countries as well as around the world.

But the worst situation has been avoided so far, as the attacks seen seem to be reflected in their impact and geographical scope.

Germany has repeatedly accused Russia of attempting cyber-espionage in recent years.

The most important incident blamed on Russian hackers so far was a cyberattack in 2015, which shut down the computer network of the lower house of the Bundestag parliament, and forced the entire organization to go offline while it was fixed.

Russia denies that it is behind such activities.

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