Fuel Prices Rise Again, Congress Launches Nationwide Protest: 10 Points

Overall, fuel prices have increased by Rs 6.40 per liter after nine rate revisions.

New Delhi:
Petrol and diesel prices were raised again on Thursday for the ninth time in the last 10 days. In Delhi, petrol and diesel rates were raised by 80 paise per liter each, according to state fuel retailer price notifications. A liter of petrol in the capital is now priced at Rs 101.81 compared to Rs 101.01 previously, while diesel will be sold at Rs 93.07 from Rs 92.27 per liter previously. In Mumbai, petrol will be sold at Rs 116.72 per liter, while diesel will be sold at Rs 100.94 per liter. Among metro cities, fuel rates are the highest in Mumbai. Prices vary across states due to value added tax (VAT).

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  1. Fuel rates remained stable for more than four months despite soaring crude oil prices. The rate review ended on March 22nd. Overall, petrol and diesel prices rose Rs 6.40 per liter each, after nine rate revisions.

  2. “We wanted to raise the issue of petrol and diesel rate hike in the Rajya Sabha but the upper house chairman did not receive my notice. We demand the government must issue an explanation on the fuel price hike in Parliament,” KC Venugopal, Congress MP told NDTV.

  3. Meanwhile, the Union Cabinet increased the Dearness Allowance (DA) and Dearness Relief (DR) on Wednesday by 3 per cent to 34 per cent to offset price increases, benefiting more than 1.16 crore central government employees and retirees.

  4. The combined impact on the treasury on the accounts of both DA and DR is Rs 9,544.50 crore per annum.

  5. The Congress party also raised the question of cutting the EPF rate-from 8.5 per cent to 8.1 per cent-for the 2020-21 financial year.

  6. Digvijay Singh, Member of Congress for the Rajya Sabha, said, “The Center has locked the PF rate at an all -time low of 8.1 per cent but decided to raise the investment ceiling in the stock market by 15 per cent. On the one hand, the Center has reduced interest rates and vice versa. , it has left PF funds to expose in the market for speculation. This is not Center money … this is employee hard -earned money. “

  7. The opposition also blamed the Center for the reduction in labor wages due to its policies and stated that inflation had increased their spending.

  8. Further, Congress has launched nationwide protests on the issue of inflation and rising fuel prices.

  9. Crude oil rates were above $ 105 a barrel on Thursday. Over the past four weeks, crude oil rates have exceeded the $ 100 a barrel level amid the Ukraine conflict and sanctions imposed on Russia.

  10. In the current situation of rising inflation, the opportunity for petrol and diesel reductions seems unlikely at the moment.


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