From long-range missiles to drones: Here is a list of weapons from the United States to Ukraine

President Joe Biden announced new weapons and equipment for Ukraine on Wednesday.


The United States on Wednesday said it would provide Ukraine with long-range missile defense and Switchblade armed drones, allowing Kyiv forces to better defend themselves against Russian aircraft and armor.

The new weapons and equipment announced by President Joe Biden for Ukraine include:

– S-300 long-range missile defense –

Ukraine has been able to launch relatively close proximity to Russian aircraft and cruise missiles. Washington is planning to make available systems that can attack aircraft that can attack much farther afield.

According to a military source, the systems are the Soviet / Russian S-300, like the US-made Patriot system, which can detect, track and fire a fully automated ground-based radar and missile launcher unit. in multiple air threats received over long distances.

Ukrainians already know how the S-300 works, and the United States and several NATO countries have their own systems or components to supply Ukraine.

– ‘Kamikaze drones’ –

Washington will send 100 Switchblade drones to Ukraine, mainly camera-powered and remotely controlled flying bombs, to be found by an operator and then, when ready, to dive into a target, exploding in contact.

Called “Kamikaze drones”, Switchblades can extend the range of Russian vehicles and units beyond the user’s vision. This gives them an advantage over the guided heat seekers used by the Ukrainians against Russian tanks.

– Aircraft Stingers –

The United States is also providing an additional 800 Stinger, shoulder-mounted infrared missile aircraft. The U.S. handed over Stingers to Afghan fighters in the 1990s to shoot down Russian helicopters; Ukrainians have used it effectively against Russian helicopters and slower aircraft and fixed-wing attack aircraft.

– ‘Saint Jabalina’ –

Western allies have already provided the Ukrainian army with 17,000 light self-propelled missiles fired from the shoulders, which have become the weapons of choice in the ground war. These are being used extensively to destroy nearby armored vehicles.

Among them, the US-made Javelin, with double charges designed to defeat Russian tank missile defenses, has become legendary in its effectiveness. It is praised by a well-known Ukrainian song and now features a viral image of “Saint Jabalina”, an oriental-style iconographic style image of a woman carrying a cradle. Biden said Washington will send 2,000 more javelin missiles to Ukraine.

– Guns, ammunition, body armor –

New U.S. weapons regulations include another 7,000 anti-armor weapons, thousands of machine guns, rifle and grenade launchers, 20 million rounds of ammunition and 25,000 small arms, and 25,000 body armor and helmets, compliant with Russian and NATO standards.

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