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Former Indian opener Aakash Chopra reacts to PCB chief Ramiz Raja’s statement on “… Whoes Goes To IPL Over PSL”

Former India batsman Aakash Chopra has responded to the idea of ​​bringing in a Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) auction model for Pakistan’s Super League (PSL), saying he will never see a player get a 16 million euro price tag. Earlier, Ramiz Raja said that if an auction model is used for PSL, one can really judge who chooses the Indian Premier League over PSL.

“Even if you auction off the drafts, it won’t happen, you won’t see a player play in the PSL at 16 million. It can’t happen at all, the market dynamics won’t allow that to happen, it’s as simple as that,” Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

“The story begins with the announcer on how much money he is willing to spend,” he noted.

Chopra also used the example of Chris Morris, who was previously elected by Rajasthan Royals for 16 million. The former Indian batsman said that other leagues in the world do not have the capacity to compete with the economy in the IPL.

“To be honest, a ball by Chris Morris, when he last played, was more expensive than the salary of other league players. Is it possible to compete or compare with IPL, PSL, BBL, or not. Percentage or CPL? A slightly misjudged judgment is it? ”he asked.

“The price is decided by how much money you get from the rights, the league is valued by the rights that are sold, there is a total bag according to which you play. All of them are connected, not separated. If someone sees them separately, they will be defeated,” yours.


Ramiz Raja also said he wanted to move from a draft system to an auction model in the PSL. He then said that an auction model and an increase in the PSL bag could put the tournament on par with the IPL.

The IPL 2022 season kicks off on March 26 and the opening tournament will be played between the Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkata Knight Riders.

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