“Foreign Countries Work Against Elected PM”: Top Quote Imran Khan

New Delhi:

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation tonight ahead of a no-confidence motion against Pakistan-led Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

Here are the top excerpts from Imran Khan’s speech:

– Pakistan is at a decisive moment.

– Pakistan’s goal is a great goal. When I entered politics 25 years ago, there were three things in my manifesto – 1. Justice, 2. Humanity, 3. Pride.

– I will not bow in front of anyone and I will not let my community do that. Why do we have to crawl like ants? Will not let our people bend before anyone.

– I have many friends in India and the US. I have no malicious intent against anyone. I just curse their base.

– As a child, I remember Pakistan going up to the top. South Korea has come to Pakistan to find out how we progressed, the prince of Malaysia used to study with me in school. The Middle East once came to our university. I have seen all this sink in, seen my country humiliated.

– Musharraf took us to the US website. America allowed us after we allied with them. They attacked us with drones despite our help.


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