European Cricket: Comments in divisions, unlike a striker, to run even before the ball is thrown. See

The non-striker pulled back quite a bit and started running before throwing the ball.© Twitter

In the world of cricket, the struggle to steal a fast run can lead to all sorts of opportunities in the game. Running, flipping, a lot of effort on the field and much more. Each run helps to turn the strike and keep the score constant. But trying to get to the end can lead to ridiculous situations at times. A similar incident occurred at a European Cricket match, when they were all separated. In a video shared on Twitter, the non-striker starts the batting sprint at the end of the run, but forgets to consider a very important aspect – the ball was still to be thrown.

It was a very impossible action when the batsman left his slot and covered almost three-quarters of the pitch until he realized that the ball had not released the ball.

It is interesting not to remove the bowler from the bonds or the non-striker ‘Mankad’, who made a great gesture of ‘cricket spirit’ to give another life.

Bolaria quickly complained and told the referee about this, and at the same time warned the non-striker about this incident.

The ‘mancading’ news of a batsman is too late. Recently, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Law Subcommittee made a number of amendments to the “mancading” law and put it in the “breaking” category.


The amended law reads as follows:

41.16 Law – Exhaustion of a non-striker – 41. From the Law (Unfair Game) to the 38th Law (Runout). The wording of the law remains the same.

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