Electric Vehicles Cost As High As Petrol Cars In 2 Years: Nitin Gadkari

The government has said that electric vehicles will become affordable within two years

New Delhi:

The government said technological improvements in green fuel production would help reduce the cost of electric vehicles, bringing them on par with petrol cars over the next two years, the government told Parliament on Tuesday.

Responding to discussions on the demand for grants for the road transport ministry in the Lok Sabha, Mr Nitin Gadkari, who heads the ministry, said that rapid advances in technology and green fuels would reduce the cost of electric cars, making them as affordable as petrol-powered vehicles in two years. .

Mr Gadkari stressed on the need to switch to cost -effective natural fuels and hoped these fuels would become a reality soon, lowering pollution levels and improving the overall situation in Delhi.

Urging MPs to adopt hydrogen technology for transportation, the minister asked them to take initiatives in their respective districts to convert wastewater to green hydrogen production.

Hydrogen will soon be the cheapest fuel alternative, he said.

“I can say in a maximum of two years, the cost of electric scooters, cars, autorickshaws will be the same as gasoline-powered scooters, cars, autorickshaws. The price of lithium-ion batteries is going down. We are developing this zinc-ion chemistry, aluminum-ion batteries, sodium-ion. If petrol, you spend Rs 100, then for electric vehicles you will spend Rs 10, “Mr Gadkari said.


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