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Consider Covid -Affected Students’ Appeals on Public Service Examinations: Court to Center

New Delhi:

Additional attempts for Covid -affected candidates in major civil service examinations should be considered, the Supreme Court told the Center today, giving him two weeks for the post. The center said it would consider the matter based on the Parliamentary Committee Report. The Main Examination was held in January this year.

The supreme court order was made after the petitioner showed a Parliamentary Committee Report recommending the granting of leniency to students affected by the outbreak.

“The petition has relied on the Parliamentary Committee Report dated 24.03.2022. Based on the recommendation, we disposed of the petition with instructions to the relevant authorities to scrutinize the representations within two weeks. Let the authorities decide.,” Said a panel of judges comprising Judges. AM Khanwilkar, AS Oka and CT Ravikumar.

The petition was filed by three candidates, who had passed the Prelims stage last year, but were unable to attend for all the Main examination papers after they were confirmed positive for Covid. Two of the petitioners had attended for several examinations before they were confirmed positive. The third could not write a single paper.

In their confession, they asked the court to direct the Union Public Service Commission or UPSC to give them additional opportunities as the Commission has given the same options to candidates in other examinations in the past.

The Center and UPSC have opposed the recognition, arguing that giving additional opportunities to these candidates would lead to similar requests by candidates from other categories.

In its reply filed in court, the Center said the same confession had been rejected by the High Court in the case of the Certified Accounting examination. “Granting such additional trials will affect the chances of other candidates as it will increase the number of candidates,” he told the supreme court.

UPSC has also opposed the admission, saying it is important to adhere to the examination schedule. Allowing such additional attempts would lead to a “complete slippage” of post -examination activities including the continuation of vacancies in government. It will also create a “creeping effect” on other exam schedules, he said.

Candidates are allowed to take the examination between the ages of 21 to 35 and six opportunities are also given to attend the same which is a “fair chance”, the Commission argued.


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