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Chirag Paswan Evicted From Lutyen Bungalow Given To His Late Father Ram Vilas Paswan

The government has sent a team to the premises at 12 Janpath Road.

New Delhi:

Chirag Paswan, a Lok Sabha MP and son of former Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan, was evicted from a bungalow allocated to his late father, sources said. The government has sent troops to the premises at 12 Janpath Road and Chirag Paswan’s belongings are being removed.

Bungalow 12 Janpath Road, two doors down from the residence of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, is allocated for the use of Union ministers. Chirag Paswan was asked to vacate the premises last year – almost a year after the death of Ram Vilas Paswan.

Former food minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet passed away in October 2020, days after heart surgery.

The house has become the official address of the Lok Janshakti Party in Delhi and is used for all official events and meetings of the party organization.

After his death, the party illegally converted the bungalow into a memorial, installing his statue in the courtyard. In 2000, the Center banned the conversion of the Lutyens bungalow into a memorial.

Today, the Estate Directorate – under the Union’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs – sent a team to a bungalow in the center of town to execute an eviction order.

Following the death of Ram Vilas Paswan, the party he founded also split, when differences arose between his son and his brother Pashupati Kumar Paras over his legacy and party leadership.

Excessive staying in Lutyen bungalows by ministers and their families is common.

In 2014, the government had long been back and forth with former union minister Ajit Singh, who vacated his 12 Tughlaq Road bungalow after nearly 4 months of overtime.

In 2020, the government sent a notice to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asking her to vacate her bungalow, saying she was not entitled to the facility following the withdrawal of her SPG protection. The matter escalated into a full -blown political battle when Congress accused the government of “hatred” and “revenge”.


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