Bears Wandering In US Cities, Internet Surprised -By ASC

A bear can be seen wandering around the streets of a city in North Carolina, USA.

What is your reaction if you see a bear in your neighborhood? Or when you see a bear crossing the road while driving?

One such incident became contagious on social media where a bear could be seen wandering around the streets of a city in North Carolina, USA. It may seem strange to see a bear in the middle of a busy city full of people, but that’s what happened in Asheville.

The video, recorded by Asheville Police Department officials, was shared on Facebook on April 22nd.

“APD officers answered an unusual call Thursday afternoon about a bear grinding around the city center and then climbing a tree in the Pritchard Park area. The black bear, wearing a Wildlife enforcement detector collar, seemed to want a day in the park, where many people were enjoying their day in the city center, ”the police department post said.

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“Officers want to help remove the bear safely from the area by helping to give space for the bear to move together. At one point, the bear crossed the street using a crosswalk. While officials appreciate bears abiding by the law, it is important to bring the bears back to the forest area for safety, ”he added.

“This is the third incident of APD officers helping to remove bears from the city center area in the past three weeks. Always be careful with your surroundings, ”the post said.

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Surprised consumers appreciated the efforts made by the police department. “I love the video I watched where the APD Officer was walking with a bear on the street … Thank you Asheville PD,” said one user on Facebook.

“It was hilarious while watching the video of the bear. At one point It looked like if the bus stopped and the door was opened, he would come in,” another commented.

As soon as the bear managed to cross the road, it climbed a tree in the garden area.


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