Babar Azam values ​​his effort to save a game in 196 races against Australia

Pakistani captain Babar Azam has rated his 196 in the second round against Australia as “one of his best entries”, which has helped his team draw the game from a precarious situation. Pakistan in search of a huge 506 goal, finished in 443 with 7 hundreds of Babar and Mohammed Rizwanen.

“I think it’s up to the team to have a lot of confidence in themselves and come back strong after a bad batting in the first inning. It’s definitely one of my best innings, and I’m glad they helped us draw the game.” Babar said in a post-match speech.

He said he valued his tickets very much, which played a big part in winning or saving a match in Pakistan.

The main batsmen also admitted that he and Muhammad Rizwan had not given much thought to kicking the total and when the wickets fell they played the equalizer.

“In the second inning, everyone gave 100 percent, because we believed in ourselves that we could save the game. We decided to take the session and not think about it in the future,” he said.

Babar added that if he and Rizwan had given each other a little more together they would have gone after the run, but when he and Faheem Ashraf came out on consecutive balls the best chance was to play a draw.

The Pakistani captain also refused to criticize the pitches used so far in the two trials in Rawalpindi and Karachi, stressing that they were the same for both teams.

“Karachin, you usually get a reverse swing and the Australian bowlers got it on the third day and we helped with some soft releases.” He noted that the spinners also took a few turns Karachin and Test cricket was always tough, but the pitch was not easy to hit because it had to be concentrated hard and for a new hitter it was not easy to get into batting.

Cummins is pleased with the team’s performance

Australian captain Pat Cummins said he was happy and proud that his team had not won from an advantageous position despite the way his team played.

“I think we would be happy to come to Pakistan under different conditions here after the 0-0 draw after two tests. Yes, after getting so close, it’s a missed opportunity but we didn’t miss anything,” he said. in a post-match speech.

Cummins also said it was a combination of some expensive chances missed by Australia and some wonderful baptisms by Babar Azam, Muhammad Rizwan and Abdullah Shafique, and leveled the test.

“I think, first of all, it was a very good test and if we had taken our catches it could have been a different situation for us. But I am proud and happy with the way we have played during this match,” he added.

Cummins also said the pitch helped the Spinners a little more on the final day, but that he didn’t break and didn’t play as many other tricks as expected on the fourth and fifth days.

He also did not feel that if Australia had followed up after throwing Pakistan in 148 runs and 53 overs in bowling, it would make a difference in the final result.

“I think the pitch was pretty good on the last day and they played really well. We created more chances and if we could have made a couple of catches it would have been a different scenario, but that’s the way it is in Test cricket,” he said. he said.

Cummins threw 53 overs in the first session of Pakistan and then hit 171.4 overs to save the reverse swing, in the second session in the second session, when Pakistan came out cheap, he played a big role.


“I think reverse swing bowling can be a real factor in the game, especially if you get things done very quickly and get a new hitter, but I thought Babar, Rizwan and Shafique played tremendously in the last two days.” He felt that Cummin had tried everything he could.

“Honestly, I left the field today without feeling anything we hadn’t tried or given a chance to not give it a chance,” he said.

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