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Atishi AAP Speaks On “Delhi Model” At UN General Assembly -By ASC

The MLA has spearheaded the major Mohalla Sabha Project for Delhi.

New Delhi:

Aam Aadmi Party’s “Delhi Model” will be global. Party leader Atishi said Wednesday afternoon that he would speak at the United Nations General Assembly or UNGA and would share a “model” at the global gathering.

The UN General Assembly is set to discuss local and regional government priorities for the ‘New Town Agenda’. The event is scheduled for April 27 and 28.

“As the world prepares for the inevitable, increasing urbanization, the @PBB General Assembly will gather to discuss the ‘New City Agenda’; I am proud to share that I will be speaking at the United Nations General Assembly to share the Delhi Governance Model @ArvindKejriwal , “tweeted the AAP leader.

“@ArvindKejriwal’s governance model in Delhi can provide solutions to many of the challenges faced by cities and countries around the world. This is why the world class wants to know more about the Delhi model!” he said in a follow -up tweet.

Speakers at the global gathering will focus on their contributions to the overall vision, goals and targets to achieve the New City Agenda.

MLA Kalkaji will speak with the Mayors of Bogota and Barcelona on ‘Local Leading Best Practices’ where he will present the vision of the Delhi government.

In a statement issued to the media, Ms Atishi said, “It is a privilege for me to join a panel of leading mayors from around the world and discuss the effective citizen policies of the Kejriwal Government at the prestigious international forum. This is a good opportunity for the government. learn from each other and help people around the world through policies that are closely linked to the needs of the people. “

The MLA has spearheaded the major Mohalla Sabha Project for Delhi, which aims to segregate governance by empowering every citizen.

The AAP leader, who is the chairman of the Education Standing Committee, has played a key role in reviving the School Management Committee (SMC) in Delhi government schools, the state government said.


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