Ashleigh Barty Crying As She Announces Surprising Retirement From Tennis On 25. Watch

Ashleigh Barty announced her retirement from tennis at the age of 25.© Instagram

Women’s world no. 1 Ashleigh Barty surprised tennis fans on Wednesday by announcing her retirement from the sport at just 25 years old. The Australian made the announcement via Instagram in an emotional video message with his close friend and former doubles partner Casey Dellacqua. The announcement was made just weeks after Barty became the first Australian Open champion in 44 years. In the video, Barty also sheds tears towards the end and also said he has been thinking of retiring since winning Wimbledon last year. Explaining why he chose Dellacqua to appear in his retirement video, Barty said, “I’m not sure how I’m going to do this. So many times in my professional and personal life, you’ve been there for me. I just can’t think. Nothing. the right way, there’s no wrong way. It’s just my way. “

Making that great announcement, he further added, “This is perfect for me. To share with you, to talk to you about it. With my team, Dear People. I’m retiring from tennis.”

Barty took a break from tennis in 2014 and returned professional in February 2016.

“I know I’ve done this before but in a very different feeling.”

Speaking of his other interests, Barty said, “It’s time for me to step back and pursue another dream and set a record.”

Explaining his retirement decision, Barty revealed that he had wanted to retire after winning Wimbledon last year.


“It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I have had a lot of incredible moments in my career that were important moments. Wimbledon last year changed a lot for me as an individual and as an athlete when you work hard. All your life for one goal. I am. have been able to share that with so many amazing people but to be able to win Wimbledon, which is my dream, a real dream that I want in tennis, that really changed my perspective.I just had that feeling after Wimbledon and have been a lot talk to my team about it ”, he said.

“There’s only a small part of me that isn’t so satisfied. Then came the Australian Open challenge and for me it felt like my best way to celebrate an amazing journey in my tennis career.”

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