American Express is planning a footprint in the Metaverse and NFT sectors, branded files

American Express is stepping up documentation that would soon lead to a metaverse map. Among the world’s leading payment processors, American Express has submitted seven trademark applications for entry into the virtual universe and non-fungal token (NFT) sector. The archives have also identified Centurion’s famous logo as a virtual ‘avatar’. This is the step that American Express has taken to explore Web 3 options – what is called the next phase of the Internet.

The trademark application for the New York City-based company is dated March 9th.

Although the payment card provider has not announced its metaverse and NFT plans, screenshots of its branded files have appeared on Twitter.

“Downloadable e-commerce software that allows users to make e-business transactions in metabersion and other virtual worlds; digital media, that is, NFTs, with text and graphics content, ”said Mike Kondoudis, a screenshot shared by U.S. trademark attorney.

Founded in 1850, fintech aims to provide an online marketplace for “buyers and sellers of digital media, namely fungible tokens with text and graphic content (NFT)”.

Credit cards, travel, gateway software, and the virtual entertainment and entertainment environment are also on the list of American Express metaverse plans, a Decrypt report said.

In recent days, several prominent names in the international financial industry have begun to make their mark in the Web 3 space.

Visa, JP Morgan and Mastercard, for example, have marked their presence in crypto and metaberse sites.

Research reports expect the metabersion market opportunity to reach $ 800 billion (about $ 59.58.719 billion) by 2024.

The NFT belt is not behind it. Last year, NFT sales reached $ 25 billion (about $ 1.84.7 billion) in 2021, as speculative cryptocurrencies rose in popularity as data from DappRadar market followers showed.

It may take some time for American Express to obtain the necessary permissions to access Web 3. The average time for a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to review an application is about nine and a half months, according to a report by CoinTelegraph.

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