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All Muslims, Christians would Socialize With RSS One day later: Karnataka Minister KS Eshwarappa

KS Eshwarappa statement provoked a sharp reaction from some of the drafters of the Congress.


Karnataka minister and senior BJP leader KS Eshwarappa on Thursday claimed that all Muslims and Christians in the country will associate themselves with RSS, one day.

Statement by the Minister of Rural Development was issued during the discussion in the House legislation, when Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kagera used the term “RSS” and that a day will come when lawmakers opposition would also say the same thing, which lawmakers Congress expressed doubts.

It all started when Opposition Leader and former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah made reference to the saffron organization, while talking about his personal similarities with several BJP leaders and Ministers.

“Personal contact is important, then comes the difference party- BJP, RSS, Congress and others,” said the head of the Congress.

For this, the Speaker in a lighter note Siddaramaiah asked, “why are you worried about RSS us?”

When Siddaramaiah explained that he was not speaking with any sentiment attached, Congressman MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan asked, “You (Speaker) said — ‘our RSS’- sit in that chair?”

Kageri replied by saying, “what else, if not our RSS? Yes …. it is our RSS. RSS is ours …. Zameer, I tell you one thing, if not today someday in time first, in our country, but you have to say- RSS us- sure. “

For this, several Congress legislators including Mr Khan said, that day will not come, and they will never say it.

Siddaramiah said he also opposed the RSS, as ‘Manuwad’ will gain a foothold in the country, as they are.

Interrupting, Revenue Minister R Ashoka said, RSS has become a “Sarva Sarva Vyapi and Sparshi” (available everywhere and everywhere).

“The president of our country, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister of all of the RSS, everyone should accept it now …. it was our good fortune,” he said, in the midst of some lawmakers Congress called it “unfortunate” state .

Minister Eshwarappa said, “All Muslims and Christians in the country, if not today, one day, will be (associating themselves with) RSS. There is no doubt about it.”

The Minister’s statement provoked a sharp reaction from some of the drafters of the Congress.

Taking objection to the statement Speaker linking him with RSS, MLA of Congress Priyank Kharga, indicating that he had spoken to the Chairman of the values of the constitution during the constitutional debate last year said, “you then claim you are to the constitution, now you say you favor to RSS. “

Since he claimed that RSS had burned during a protest in Ramlila Maidan constitution in the past, because they want the ‘Manusmriti’, the Speaker and members of the BJP took strong objection against him and asked him not to talk “any unwanted items.”

“This is not right …… if you want to engage in politics, make out,” said Speaker Mr Kharga.


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