Akshay Kumar, Arshad Warsi’s Train Diaries are the best

Starring Bachchhan Paandey. (courtesy: akshaykumar)


  • Star actor Bachchhan Panday traveled by train
  • They have arrived in Delhi for promotions
  • Bachchhan Paandey will be released on March 18th

The Bachchhan Paandey the team has been quite a sport. Star actors Akshay Kumar, Arshad Warsi, Jaqueline Fernandez and Kriti Sanon have made headlines with eccentric ways of reaching out to fans. While the thriller awaits the theatrical release, Akshay Kumar has left a funny video on her social media page again. The actor gave us a look at his train journey. The video begins with Akshay Kumar enjoying a nap inside the train. He is then asked a question: “Akshay ji, apki favorite actor kaun hai [Who is your favourite actress?]”To this, the actress responds, ‘Jacqueline Fernandez.’Atxa. You spell banana [Spell out her name, please]”Akshay Kumar, who sees that the actor’s name can’t be spelled, will immediately change the answer to Kriti Sanon.Kyun, maine galat kaha kya? Aap batao (Did I say something wrong? Did you tell me?) “

Akshay Kumar is not the only one sharing her views on train travel. Arshad Warsi has also released a travel video. What we see is Arshad jumping on his train seat and kicking and tripping. Interesting, right? Throughout the video, the actor recounts his journey and repeatedly states that he loves train travel. The caption read the same thing: “I love train travel.” The taboo actor commented, “How funny.” Watch the video:

He has boarded a train to promote the star actor Bachchan Paandey Delhin. Along with a photo of himself, Arshad Warsi, Kriti Sanon and Jacqueline Fernandez, Akshay Kumar wrote: “Bachchhan Paandey ki toli aa pohuchi hai Dilli [The Bachchan Paandey team has reached Delhi]. “

In fact Bachchhan Paandey the band has also promoted one of their songs on the train journey. Sing Heer Ranjha was recently released. Akshay Kumar filmed a video with co-star Jacqueline Fernandez on the train and wrote: “Heer Ranjha get out now. Bachchhan Paandey will be released on March 18th. I can’t wait to see you all. “

Bachchhan Paandey It is based on the story of a goon played by Akshay Kumar. The film will be released on March 18.

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