After Tatas’ Acquisition Of Air India, Airbus Is Talking About A350XWB

Airbus is in talks with Tatas, the Indian airline for the A350XWB aircraft

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is in talks with Tata Group and Indian airlines for an agreement on the acquisition of its wide -body A350XWB aircraft, Airbus India & South Asia President and MD Remi Maillard said on Monday.

The Tata Group currently operates four Indian airlines – Air India, Air India Express, Vistara and AirAsia India.

Wide -body aircraft like the A350XWB have larger fuel tanks that allow them to travel farther than narrow -body aircraft like the A320NEO. The A350XWB can travel over 8,000 nautical miles, with a flight time of about 18 hours in a single flight.

When asked whether Airbus is in talks with Tata and Indian airlines for an A350XWB aircraft deal, Maillard said, “We are clearly in talks with all airlines. Air India’s new owner – Tatas – is an existing Airbus customer.”

“Tatas has Vistara and AirAsia India with them, as we know. We have established a long -standing, trustworthy and respected relationship with the Tata Group,” he told a press conference here.

The center sold Air India and Air India Express to Tata Group in September. Maillard said Tatas is an Airbus partner in the defense business as well.

“We are currently manufacturing and producing together our C-295 military transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force (IAF),” he said.

“Of course, we will be privileged to continue to support the Tata Group’s ambitions in the aviation sector across all full spectrums,” he added.

He said India’s fleet of wide -body aircraft had remained unstable for the past 20 years.

He noted that the fleet of one -lane aircraft was multiplied by a factor of six over the same period.

“We forecast an average annual growth of 6.2 per cent for air traffic out of India. The world average is at 3.9 per cent,” Mr Maillard said.

He said that Airbus was “quite confident” in the international long -haul market outside India.

“We believe the kind of revolution we have witnessed in domestic traffic over the last 20 years will now happen in the long -distance market,” he said. “We believe the new generation aircraft, the A350, will be the trigger for this revolution in the international long -haul market,” added MD.

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