Actress Sameera Reddy Faces Alopecia: “Has Two Inch Bald Spots”

Sameera Reddy shared this image. (Image courtesy: sameerareddy)


  • Sameera Reddy often shares posts about body positivity
  • The actor was diagnosed with alopecia in 2016
  • “I have 2 -inch bald spots on the back of my head,” he wrote

New Delhi:

Sameera Reddy, who often shares posts about body positivity, in a recent Instagram entry, wrote about dealing with alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. Since then, comedian Chris Rock has joked about Will Smith’s wife and actress Jada Pinkett Smith being in “GI Jane” because, and Will slapped her at the Oscars, many women have shared their stories of dealing with the situation. Sameera Reddy is the same. He wrote in his post: “The current Oscar controversy makes me want to clarify that we all have individual battles that we fight and heal and we need to create a positive safe space for each other. What is Alopecia Areata? It is an auto immune disease. When you have it Alopecia Areata, the cells in your immune system surround and attack your hair follicles.This causes attached hair to fall out causing bald spots.I was diagnosed with it in 2016 when Akshai saw I had a 2 inch long bald spot on the back of my head. In a month I found two more spots. It’s really hard to deal with. “

Sameera, who was diagnosed with alopecia in 2016, after the birth of her son, added in her post: “Alopecia Areata doesn’t make people sick, nor is it contagious. However, it can be difficult to adjust emotionally. For most people. People , Alopecia Areata is a traumatic disease that requires treatment to address the emotional aspects of hair loss, as well as the hair loss itself. “

He added in his post, “And even though I currently have healthy hair without spots (which I am thankful for every day) I have been told that I need to realize it can come back at any time in my life. I take homeopathy and I am holistic hopes to avoid it. In this fast -paced world, I pray people will pause, stare and be sensitive to each other #healing #positive #perfect #alopeciaareata. “

Read Sameera Reddy’s post here:

Sameera Reddy married Akshay Varde in 2013 and stopped acting shortly after her marriage. The couple welcomed their first child Hans Varde in 2015. They are also the parents of a daughter. In terms of work, he was last seen in a Kannada film Varadhanayaka Sameera Reddy has appeared in Bollywood movies like Taxi No. 9211and Maine Dil Tujhko Diya to name a few.


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