A few months before the Oscars, Will Smith Taught a Boy Named Chris How to Slap

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock to dominate the Oscars on Sunday afternoon.

The controversy surrounding Will Smith’s Oscars blow to Chris Rock will now easily subside. Even after his apology, Smith faced relentless criticism for walking into the Rock during the Oscars and giving a slap to his face.

Now, the internet has discovered an old video, showing Smith demonstrating his slapping technique on a boy last year. The boy was also named Chris – an unfortunate coincidence.

The demonstration took place during the Q&A at ‘King Richard |‘screening in Los Angeles on November 11th. Smith won the Best Actor award for the film this year.

Smith didn’t actually slap Chris on this, but answered his question about how the actor was “falsely beaten and beaten” in the film.

“All right, come here. Let’s go. Go up,” Smith told the boy.

The actor then explained to the boy what he was going to do and rehearsed the scene several times with him. Smith gave a dialogue to the boy: “I need you to say ‘Hey man, where’s my money?'”

The boy repeated the dialogue and Smith pretended to slap the boy. He then gave him a high five and a fist shot and the crowd present there applauded.

The footage began gaining attention on social media a day after Smith walked into Rock at the Oscars and slapped him for making a nasty joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, who suffers from alopecia hair loss.

“Get my wife’s name out of your damn mouth!” Smith shouted – twice – after returning to his seat as the bewildered Rock stared. Minutes later, Smith won the Best Actor award.

He has apologized for his actions, including to Rock, but the public has called for him to strip Smith of his Oscar award. The Academy has also launched an official review of the incident.

Pinkett-Smith has also responded to the controversy via a post on her Instagram holder about “healing”.


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