9/11 Prosecutors in Mastermind’s Death Penalty Alleged Interview Interviews: Report

“Nearly a decade after the men were indicted, the military judge has not set a date for the trial,” he said.

New York:

Attorneys and federal prosecutors Khalid Shaikh Mohammed on Sept. 11 are negotiating a deal that could remove the death penalty for a Pakistani terrorist and four other accused, according to a media outlet.

The New York Times report quoted people familiar with the dispute as saying that “prosecutors have opened talks with lawyers” for 58-year-old Mohammed and his four defendants to “negotiate a possible deal to remove the possibility.” The report added that the allegations of life imprisonment and non-execution could end the Guantanamo Bay’s years-long trial.

“Nearly a decade after the men were indicted, the military judge has not set a date for the trial,” he said.

The report said that although no agreement is expected soon, a plea of ​​life sentences could force Joe Biden’s administration to “change its ambition to end Guantánamo Bay arrest operations and change it into a military prison for a few men instead.” In the Trump administration, an attempt was unsuccessful in such talks when the accused plots demanded that they serve their sentence at Guantanamo Bay, where they could pray and eat as a group.

The report says they did not want to send him to the Colorado supermax prison, where federal inmates are held in solitary confinement until 11 p.m.

“An allegation agreement would certainly frustrate the death penalty advocate, unless the relatives of the victims are angry. But other relatives, including those concerned about U.S. torture papers and delays in the case, may consider the conclusion appropriate,” he said.

After a nearly two-year closure of the court as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, discussions began last week, the report says.

The NYT report said that as with any plea deal, defendants should work with prosecutors, through their attorneys, on “individual lengthy narratives known as the stipulation of the plan” which will be prosecuted for crimes prosecuted.

The report states that judges, the defense and the prosecution team went to Guantanamo Bay for three weeks of hearings on evidence evidence, “especially showing the role of the FBI in the CIA prison network” where Mohammed and his defendants were “tortured in 2002 and 2003 in Pakistan.” Trivett’s attorney general wrote to defense groups discussing “whether pre-trial agreements are possible for all five cases.” make a focused effort while we’re on the Guantanamo Bay, while your customers and team are there, you might. The report said a few days later that the five defendants and their attorneys had met in the courtroom to make a list of the initial demands for the guilty plea, “starting with the removal of the death penalty from the case.” The officer, known as Jeffrey D Wood of the Arkansas National Guard as a call-up officer, must accept any agreement.

The report added that the main issue was how many of the defendants next to Mohammed would be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, and whether some accomplices with lesser roles in the attacks would serve shorter sentences.

Lawyers for two Saudi prisoners, Mustafa al-Hawsawi, and lawyers for Pakistani Ammar al-Baluchi and his nephew Mohammed have said they are unaware of the Sept. 11 conspiracy, which helped some kidnappers help make money transfers and travel arrangements from the United Arab Emirates. .

(Except for the title, this story was not edited by NDTV staff and was published from a union feed.)


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