$ 50 Million Funds To Build 15-20 Startups, Says Angel Investing Platform

Inflection Point Ventures announced a $ 50 million VC fund

New Delhi:

Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), an angel investment platform, on Monday announced the launch of a new Physis Capital fund that will have a corpus of $ 50 million (about Rs 380 crore).

The new fund aims to build a portfolio of 15-20 start-up companies with an average ticket size of $ 2.5 million, IPV said in a statement.

The fund will actively invest in sectors such as vertical commerce, consumer technology, social and content creators, business -to -business software as a service and enterprise technology, he added.

IPV has announced the launch of Physis Capital’s CAT II fund, according to the statement.

“With Physis Capital, the Partners, namely – Vinay Bansal, Mitesh Shah and Ankur Mittal, are poised to emulate the success of First Port Capital (Angel Fund) and the IPV angel investment platform,” he added.

Physis Capital will have a $ 50 million corpus (about Rs 380 crore) with a green shoe option of another $ 25 million (about Rs 190 crore) and is targeting its first closure at $ 20 million.

It will participate in and lead investments in start-up companies looking to increase Pre-Series A to Series B capital.

Physis Capital will start using the capital after the first closing.

It is in the final stages of the registration process and is awaiting approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Vinay Bansal, partner, Physis Capital said the fund was to invest in selected Pre-Series A to Series B start-ups to enable them to succeed through an integrated ecosystem comprising technical, operational, business and strategic guidance as well as co-financing support.

Inflection Point Ventures is an angel investment platform with over 6400 CXOs, high value individuals (HNIs) and professionals to invest in start-up companies together.

The firm supports new -age entrepreneurs by providing them with financial capital and experience as well as connecting them with a diverse group of investors.


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