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15-20 Indians who still want to be evacuated to Ukraine: Government

Thousands of Indians evacuated from Ukraine in Operation Bargain (File)

New Delhi:

At least 15-20 Indians are in Ukraine affected by the conflict and are awaiting evacuation, the government said today. He has made sure that the evacuation flights of Operation Bargain are “not over”.

“We are giving all possible support to these people. Some people are still in Kherson. The bargain operation is not over and we are helping all those who want to evacuate,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi told reporters. Kherson is located in the south of Ukraine.

As tensions escalated in Ukraine, the Indian embassy began a rally in January to enroll Indians, and about 20,000 Indians – mostly students – signed up.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that more than half of the students were in universities in eastern Ukraine, which borders Russia. This area has been the epicenter of the conflict so far.

He said that despite the government’s efforts, a large majority of students decided to stay in Ukraine. “Despite the efforts, however, a large majority of students continued to study in Ukraine. We need to understand their situation in this regard. There was a natural reluctance to leave educational institutions, which would affect their studies. offer, “the minister said in a statement to parliament on the situation in Ukraine yesterday.

The government has so far taken thousands of Indians out of Ukrainian cities – Kiev, Kharkiv and others. Russia and Ukraine have given way to a humanitarian corridor after India’s intense diplomatic engagement with both sides.

The Ukrainian leader said today that Russia was building a new Cold War wall across Europe “between freedom and slavery”, bombing a theater that protects many civilians after being accused of invading by its government, and marking it with the word “children”.

The capital, Kyiv, came out of the 35-hour standoff for further destruction as Russian troops were trying to encircle the Ukrainian capital in a slow offensive.

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