100,000 Trapped In Mariupol After Russia Drops Super Bomb

Russia said it would only use nuclear weapons in Ukraine if it faced an “existential threat.”

New Delhi:

Two “super powerful bombs” rocked Mariupol on Tuesday as Ukrainian authorities made a new attempt to rescue civilians from the besieged southern port city.

Nearly 100,000 people were trapped in the city which those who managed to escape described as “a scene of a frozen hell full of corpses and destroyed buildings,” Human Rights Watch said.

Kyiv was under curfew until Wednesday morning as Russian troops continued their advance into the capital.

After several rounds of inconclusive negotiations, Russia said that it wanted its peace talks with Ukraine to be “bigger.” The Kremlin also said on Tuesday that it would only use nuclear weapons in the context of the Ukraine conflict if it faced an “existential threat.”

So far, Kremlin -affiliated tabloids have reported that 9,861 Russian soldiers have been killed and 16,153 wounded in nearly a month’s war, 20 times the official total.

Here is a Live Update on the Russo-Ukrainian War:

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‘Hellscape’ in Mariupol where 100,000 are trapped
Nearly 100,000 people are trapped among the ruins of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, facing starvation, thirst and relentless bombing by Russia, President Volodymyr Zelensky said as the UN sharpened demands for Moscow to end its “absurd” and “invincible” war.

Tens of thousands of residents have already fled the besieged southern port city, bearing gruesome testimonies of “a scene of a frozen hell full of corpses and destroyed buildings”, according to Human Rights Watch.

In his latest video speech on Tuesday, Zelensky said more than 7,000 people had fled in the last 24 hours alone, but a group traveling along an agreed humanitarian route west of the city was “only captured by the occupiers.”

He warned that thousands more could not go because the humanitarian situation was deteriorating.


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